Thursday, September 10, 2015

Odin, linens, civilization.


I was taken to task for getting political again yesterday, and I can understand the problem. I don't like being political in this blog; after all, the Wonder That Is Fred is available to all people, regardless of race, creed, color, nationality, party, and even those who think candy corn is delicious, which it is not.

But as we get closer to the anniversary of September 11, 2001, which I recall in horrific detail (being in Manhattan that day), I get more annoyed about the dumdums who put together this so-called deal with Iran. Iran, who has declared themselves our enemy since disco was king, wants nothing more than nuclear arms to boss around everyone they can reach, and possibly start a nuclear war to usher in the new worldwide caliphate because they are freaking crazy. That Iran.

For some reason, our president and various idiots in Europe think that a treaty that allows Iran, which has so much oil they could use it to barbecue, to run nuclear reactors will go swimmingly, that if we find they are naughty and trying to build humongous nuclear bombs we can shut them down like a fleabag brothel that bribed the wrong cop. You wonder what kindergarten our political class is attending. The one that said chaos in Syria would be internal and end quickly? That Libya would be better off with no central command and ISIS running around free? Most of all, that all the crap in that diabolical machine of the Middle East could be quarantined? What proof do these mental titans have that we can trust Iran? What reasoning do they have that we have to make peace with people who want to kill us?

Our political elites, like the elites throughout the Western world, seem to have become tired of life, unwilling to defend their own nations; the only fight they want is to fight the meanies who oppose the welfare state, and the only freedoms that really mean anything to them are 1. freedom to have sex with anything, and 2. freedom of their own speech and no one else's.

Least of all have they interest in defending the inheritance of Western Civilization, a mighty force for good and the elevation of mankind. None would lift a finger to fight for that, or think anyone even should fight for that. No, Western Civilization sucks. They think that if they cut the legs off off the table, the top will float.

Civilizational exhaustion is as direct and horrid a poison as the human race will ever know. And it does not come to everyone on earth all at once. While we're trading in our power for clean linens to rest on, like Odin in The Long, Dark Tea-Time of the Soul, our enemies grow ever stronger, and now we're doing the stupidest thing we could possibly do besides actually shipping nuclear arms to the mullahs in Iran.

Does our president think that this is going to lead Iran to become our BFFs? I guarantee you they don't look at it that way.

I was thinking of that Douglas Adams book this week, pathetic Odin loafing in retirement, his son Thor being foiled by his father while he tries to void the agreement and save the Norse gods. (All this in a detective novel, of course.) Odin's excuse was that no one believed in the gods anymore. In Western Civilization, it would appear that we stopped believing in God, made ourselves God, then stopped believing in that God, too, because that one always disappointed. On that last point, anyway, I and the political elites agree.

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