Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dog day was ruff!

Yesterday was National Dog Day, an actual sponsored event (unlike, say, Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day) dedicated to the celebration of our little hairy canine chums. And celebrate him we did.

Not everyone does, though. I think I have mentioned that Tralfaz is a really big dog---well over 100 pounds---but friendly to a fault. Really, too friendly; we have to make sure he doesn't run across the street to stand in front of joggers, his face all like, "Hi! You smell like sweat! I'm your new best friend forever!"

The other day I was waiting for a man who was coming to give us an estimate on a job; he hadn't been to the house before, so, it being a nice morning, I sat on the porch with the dog. This way I could greet the man when he arrived, and he'd know he was in the right place. Soon a big pickup came along, and a huge man got out of it. When Tralfaz and I came down the porch steps, Tralfaz on a leash, the guy stopped cold---he looked terrified. I had to put the dog in the house before he'd come up the walk.

Now, some people are badly allergic to dogs, and that can be scary enough. But some people have a phobia, or have had terrible experiences with dogs. I'm not discounting anyone's fears. I just feel bad that the world's friendliest dog (mine) is an unintended victim of them.

What I decided to do was borrow the theme from the old Caspar the Friendly Ghost cartoons and write up a little song we can sing when people come to the house:

Tralfaz the friendly pup
The friendliest dog you know
Though some folks might look at him with fright
The rest of us love him so!

There's no reason to fear
'Cause he's really glad to meetcha
Except for skunks and deer
He's kind to every living creature

Some folks don't understand
And think that he'll eat them up
But we all know and we love him so
Tralfaz the friendly pup!

Maybe it will help.

By the way, Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day was August 8. You missed it. Don't try to do it now, especially if you live near me.

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