Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Little tiny wishbone.

The wishbone on a Cornish game hen is extremely small, so only little tiny wishes can be made on it. With a turkey wishbone you could wish to win the lottery; with a chicken wishbone, maybe a scratch-off; with a Cornish game hen wishbone, maybe that you'll find a sawbuck on the street.

What little tiny wishes are appropriate for a game hen wishbone?
  • sick enough for day off, not sick enough to ruin it
  • spontaneous resolution of cable box problems 
  • tires hold out for another year
  • daughter will make Girl Scout Cookie sales quota
  • death to crabgrass!
  • boss will take an extra week of vacation
  • no Spice Girls reunion
  • hangnail remedy
  • movie you picked for family movie night will not bore you, embarrass children, give grandma coronary
  • lustrous hair for prom
  • discovery of lost file cabinet key 
  • son will stop putting baseball cap on backward
  • really cute pair of shoes for prom too (better eat another hen)
  • Kardashians shuffle off to well-deserved obscurity (all right, that's chicken-size, but worth a try)
  • Jets won't 100% suck this year
Good stuff from a game hen wishbone, but small stuff. Now an ostrich wishbone---now you're talking stuff.

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