Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Was cleaning out a bunch of old junk the other night and HOLY CRAP:

You're wondering: Fred, what was it like going to kindergarten with Benjamin Franklin?

And I say: Ha ha ha kifs my buttockfs. 

Believe it or not, zygotes, I was still doing freelance work by trading "floppy" disks as late as 2003. I always backed up my data, so I kept a bunch of files on floppies. Those were never cheap (until maybe after I and everyone else stopped using them), but fortunately AOL sent me a constant stream of disks over the years. (Oooh! This needed Windows 2.5! Back then the Windows were made of actual glass.) 

Anyway, I was happy to reformat and reuse these disks when I could, AOL's and any other cockamamie freebie floppy disks that came in the mail. We got enough every month to tile the shower.

This disk was never used for backup; in fact, it still had the AOL installation software on it. But no, I didn't try to install it. I did think about keeping it as a reminder. Not sure of a reminder of what, though. I've never even had an AOL mail account. 

Maybe as a reminder to clean out the old junk more often. That could be helpful.

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