Thursday, May 4, 2017

Cowboy self-help books.

Men Are from Dallas, Women Are from Houston

Confronting the Inner Varmint

I'm Fair to Middlin', You're Fair to Middlin'

Broaden Yer Range and Spur Yer Success

Brandin' Relevance: Makin' Other Ranches Irrelevent

Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Posses

Pardners fer Life

Who Moved My Beans?

How to Win Cowpokes and Influence Ranch Hands 

The Power of Positive Ridin'

Gettin' to Yup: Negotiatin' Agreement Without Givin' In

The Last Roundup 

The Magic of Thinking Bonanza

Rustlin' fer Dummies

Campfire in the Belly

Awaken the Bushwhacker Within

Say Howdy to Happiness

Day of Reckoning: How to Reckon Right

Hopalong No More

Giddyup Dad, Moseyin' Dad

Red Eye Whiskey fer the Soul

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sidewindin'

What Color Is Your Six-gun?

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