Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Monday was a tough day, and not because I was hungover from the Super Bowl. I was up late enough to hear the end of the game -- a bit later than this early-to-bed guy usually stays up -- and predict to a friend that Tom Brady was going to have a Lance Armstrong moment one day. Then I fell into a deep and sober sleep.

Sadly, that didn't last.

My poor wife was ill, and needed help in the night. No one got good sleep after that. Then, in the day that followed (including a visit to the doctor, watching the same news loop over and over in the waiting room), I had to get to work on a very dull instructional book that's due very soon.

I knew I shouldn't have taken the job, but I'll probably have to cough up a cashball to the IRS man this year, and every bit helps.

The problem is, the book is boring as hell to anyone not in its field, and uses a lot of text styles that require consistency and attention to detail. It's also pretty long for a book of its kind. Using data collected by Commonplacebook, I can tell you this book is longer than The Picture of Dorian Gray, and a lot longer than Fahrenheit 451 and The Scarlet Letter, although it is at least shorter than The Secret Garden. So there's that.

But when you're really, really sleepy, and you're working on something dull...

Come to papa.

Well, I didn't get as far in the book as I had hoped, but I did spend enough time that the dogs caught a resentment at all the time I did spend on it. Anyway, this is why today's entry is pretty lame. The important thing is that I was able to help the lovely and equally tired Mrs. Key. Once I get through this doggone book, I'm going to take a nap like you wouldn't believe.

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