Thursday, February 2, 2017

Yes, another one, with an explanation.

Yes, this is the third elephant in the coffee shop cartoon in a row, but there's some reasons for that:

1) It's Groundhog Day, so we do things over and over, right?

2) When I first started drawing a man sitting in a coffee shop with an elephant, I did not know what punch line to use. Eventually I came up with more than one, and you know, our punch lines are like our children. We love them all equally, even the slightly dopey ones.

3) I had intended to unveil the Disqus commenting feature today, but I have not been able to make it function. Disqus supplied the code, but when I followed the instructions it didn't work. Don't know why yet. Still banging away at it. I am not a coder. I speak HTML (pronounced "hatemail") like Dave Barry speaks foreign tongues -- in his case, just enough to get beer and find the toilet.

So today's cartoon is mainly brought to you by failure, and my reluctance to let jokes go. Will I have another elephant joke on Friday? No! No way! Absolutely not! Maybe.

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