Saturday, January 28, 2017

Disqus among yourselves.

Question for the audience:

I don't get a lot of comments on this site, but there's usually a good amount of traffic -- and thank you very much! -- and it's been suggested to me that adding Disqus for comments would help.

Disqus is a neat platform; I use it for commenting on sites like Instapundit and the Great Lileks's place. Login once and you appear with your username and icon all over the place. Apparently the Google-supplied comments feature on this site (Blogger is a Google subsidiary, as are we all) is irritating or otherwise not too useful.

Google doesn't make it easy to switch, but I hear it can be done. The things I want to know is do you, the blog-reading public, support the move to Disqus comments. You may chat about it yourselves in comments, although I guess if you could do that it wouldn't be such an issue. You could also write me at frederick_key [care of] to weigh in on that or other issues of the day.

And if you don't wish to discuss this problem, perhaps one of the other topics will spur your conversation:

1) Would Carole King's Tapestry have been as big an album if she sounded like Brad Roberts of the Crash Test Dummies?

2) Oprah + Weight Watchers: Match made in heaven or sign of the apocalypse?

3) New England Patriots. Dallas Cowboys. New York Yankees. Philadelphia Flyers. Which is a greater force for badness in the world?

4) Dungeons & Dragons: Would it be just as good without the dungeons, and maybe more dragons?

5) Speaking of dragons: Today begins the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rooster. The other animals are bunnies, monkeys, dogs, etc. etc. ... and dragons. Why is there only one fictional animal in Chinese astrology? Did they really truly believe in dragons the way they believed in tigers, snakes, and pigs? Should we ask them to replace it with something real, like the Tasmanian Devil? Wouldn't that be great?

6) What's the best shampoo to use when you're going bald? Does it matter or is it okay to just keep scrubbin' the ol' scalperoo with Lava Soap?

7) If a girl decides she doesn't want to be badass but just be a nice little girl, will she have to beat up everybody so she can do what she wants? Or can she only do what she wants if she wants what she's supposed to want?

8) Black hole vs. Galactus eating contest -- who will you pick to win? Who would Stephen Hawking pick, hmm?

9) Why dogs are better than cats. Sorry, that's not a question, just a statement.

10) But enough about me; what do you think is awesome about me?

Select among these and let me know what you decide. Show all work.


Steve Ryan said...

I am in favor of bringing Disqus to Vitamin FredLand.

And the correct answer to number three is: the Dallas Cowboys.

Fred Key said...

Thank you for your input, Mr. R, and let's see what's behind curtain #3... You are correct!