Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Nor'east ugh.

Not much to write today; had plans for wondrous entries of celestial delights, but the nor'easter held me up and ate all my time not allotted to work. Started up in the Hudson Valley, where Suburbia was hit by invisible ice. It was fun to watch the dog go sliding down the driveway, but that was where the fun ended; there was a serious pileup just outside of town.

We are getting absolutely hammered so far this winter, which sucks because it's fall. Winter doesn't start for weeks and we've had blizzards, black ice, freezing rain, and now flooding. No, it's not typhoons or cyclones or hurricanes or other cool-sounding storms, but it's all been quite messy.

Which leads me to a theme I'll probably be revisiting a lot as we go forward: Which Miser Brother is worse? Everyone knows Heat Miser is a bigger jerk, and his volcanic home looks like Hell's outlet store, but is he really worse than Snow Miser? Or does Snow Miser cause more misery? Either way, you can't spell misery without Miser.

I'll be happy to hear your thoughts, via comments or e-mail. Now, if you'll pardon me, I'm going to go wring out my laptop now. Be safe out there!

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