Sunday, November 22, 2015

Why does the heart get all the songs?

People who get heart transplants don't suddenly wind up with the emotions of the person who donated the heart, as far as we know. Neurologists will be happy to tell us at length that the emotions, while influence by other biological processes, all come out of the brain. But we still think of emotions as being seated in the heart.

It is reasonable---when you get an emotional response, it's your heart that responds. When you say that your heart dropped, your heart skipped a beat, your heart ached, your heart melted, even that your heart broke, you're describing legitimate physical feelings that occur in the vicinity of the heart. When you say your brain froze up during a test, you don't actually feel like ice is forming on your head. At least I've never felt that.

No, the heart grabs all the credit for the emotions, and the heart gets almost all the songs. Eyes get some songs; heads a few; some dirty songs give us some more base organs. But that's about it.

What about all the other organs that we all have? Other organs we all enjoy, that we would all hate to part with? Just because the heart feels doesn't mean our other organs shouldn't get a song. Take the nose. Aren't we are all glad that we have noses?

Aside from these guys, I guess.
But then I looked over some well-known heart songs, and...

My Nose Will Go On
Noses Afire
This Nose of Mine
Hard-Nosed Hannah
Your Nose Is as Black as Night
Young Noses Run Free
Nose and Soul
Tell It to My Nose
Cold Cold Nose
Me and My Broken Nose
How Can You Mend a Broken Nose
Nose of Glass
Nose of Gold
Nose of Stone
Nose Wants What It Wants
Don’t Go Breaking My Nose
Nosebreak Hotel
Un-Break My Nose
Hole in My Nose (All the Way to China)
Total Eclipse of the Nose
With a Child’s Nose
Nose-Shaped Box
Nose Like a Hand Grenade
Noseache Tonight
Hungry Nose
The Nose of the Matter
Two Noses
Two Noses Beat as One
Yeah, I guess we'll stay with the hearts.

Unless... Pancreas songs...?

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